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| 5.2004 |

"Talk Story "

(commissioned by National CAPACD)
| 4.2004 |

2004 revision (test print)
| 10.2003 |

"He worked that entitlement dream"
(version on cloth)

|10.2003 |

"Together they kept it moving"
(version on cloth)

| 12.2002 |

"Stop the Deportations II"

(illustration for an article in Hyphen Magazine)
| 11.2002 |

Peace to Gwen Araujo

| 11.2002 |

Assi Market (Los Angeles) Boycott

update (5.4.07): Assi decided to settle in the class action lawsuit which was brought against them by former workers. KIWA therefore ended the boycott against them.

| 11.2002 |

| 6.2002 |

"They mistook the determination in our eyes for hopelessness"

This poster is part of The Center for the Study of Political Graphics' exhibition series "We Shall Not Be Moved: International Graphics on Gentrification and Homelessness"

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